How do you know if your pet needs an ophthalmologist?

Signs and symptoms of eye problems:
Loss of sight Clouding of the eye Light sensitivity/squinting
Eye discoloration Red or swollen eyes Excessive tearing or abnormal ocular discharge
Behavioral changes Growth on or near eye Rubbing or pawing at eyes


Surgeries are performed throughout the week by our doctors. All new patients have an initial examination prior to recommending or scheduling any surgical procedures. All of our surgeries are outpatient procedures.

Ophtalmic surgeries Performed
Cataract removal and intraocular lens implantation with species-specific lens size and refractive power Ectopic cilia excision
Lens removal for luxations Ocular tumor/mass removal
Glaucoma procedures including gonioimplantation and endoscopic laser cyclophotocoagulation Blepharoplasty including entropion/ectropion surgery, H-plasty, and Z-plasty
Keratotomy using grid or diamond burr for superficial chronic corneal erosions in dogs Enucleation with placement of intraorbital silicone prosthesis
Keratectomy Eyelid reconstruction
Corneal laceration repair Cryotherapy
Conjunctival graft Foreign body removal
Corneoscleral transposition Ocular evisceration with placement of an intrascleral prosthesis
Corneal transplantation for structural support Laser therapy for uveal melanomas and retinopexy
Repair of prolapsed gland of the nictating membrane and/or everted cartilage repair Parotid duct transposition for medically refractory KCS
Dermoid removal