About Us

The Animal House Hospital was founded in 1974 by Dr. Fawzo Nicolas at Antelias Main Road in Beirut. In 1984, Animal House Hospital moved to Zalka Highway. In 2004 Animal House Hospital had outgrown its facilities and a new practice was established on Zalka Highway to meet the increasing demands placed on its services. Established in 1974, we have served the community for almost 40 years. As a companion animal hospital, we offer veterinary services and routine veterinary care, such as vaccinations and preventative health-care programs.

Continual Evolution, Growth & Expansion

The Animal House Hospital facility has undergone a continual evolution.

At our facility, we are always growing our team and enhancing our capabilities.
Here are some of the highlights:

1974 Biochemical tests were done at area human hospitals. Since then, we have been through at least 3 different types of laboratory equipment to the present Idexx lab.
1976 Dr. Christ Hilan joined the Hospital team.
1980 The practice grows as we double our floor space by renting an upper floor for pharmacy and medical supplies stocks.
1989 The pace of change continues and we add more veterinarians, receptionists, technicians and animal attendants. We computerize our entire office system. We do more renovations to add a second surgical theatre and set up our Internal Medicine area.
1991 Dr. Adom Manjikian joined the hospital.
2004 Expanded hospital with separate facilities for the Specialist and Critical Care groups. Dr Elias Nicolas joined the hospital.
2005 Beginning of the 24 hours emergency service.
2006 We added an in house laboratory, a new imaging system including a new xray system and an up to date ultrasound machine enabling rapid, onsite higher quality imaging services.
2007 We added an endoscopy service including bronchoscopy, gastroscopy and colonoscopy to improve intestinal and respiratory diseases diagnosis and therefore improve treatment outcome.
The Animal house hospital becomes the official treating hospital for all police kennels in Lebanon.
2008 We enhanced ophthalmology services with new equipments such as a phacoemulsification machine for cataract surgery and an ophthalmic microscope. The first cataract surgery was performed in 2008.
2009 Dr. Michel Salame and Dr. Bassim Mahmoud joined the team taking care consecutively of dermatology and emergency services.
2010 The imaging service was upgraded with a highly advanced ultrasound unit enabling very accurate diagnosis in several specialties including internal medicine and cardiology.
2011 A partnership was created with a local human hospital for training technicians in animal MRI imaging and diagnosis allowing improvement in neurological diseases treatment.
2012 Dr. Charbel Chehwan and Dr. Alina Khayyat joined the team taking care consecutively of dermatology and emergency services.