Wellness Testing

With Wellness Testing, we can provide laboratory testing to assess your pet’s medical condition and detect any underlying diseases or conditions.

Wellness testing is geared towards healthy pets aged 8 years and older. The purpose of wellness testing is to detect subclinical abnormalities in pets before they start to show signs of illness. We recommend screening healthy senior pets on a yearly basis, or more frequently, when and if abnormalities are detected.

The testing consists of analysis both a blood and urine sample. The following are the main components to the profile:

Test Detects
Complete Blood Count Anemia, Leukemia, Infection, Inflammation
Chemistry Profile Liver, Kidney, Pancreas, Muscle and Bone Disorders, Diabetes
Thyroid Function Test Hyperthyroidism (cats), Hypothyroidism (dogs)
Urinalysis Kidney Disease, Crystals, Diabetes, Infection

Both dogs and cats should be carefully monitored by their owners for symptoms including drinking more water, increase or decrease in weight, urinating more or less frequently, changes in appetite, mobility or behaviour.

By being more proactive with our pet’s health, especially our senior pets, they will live longer and happier lives.