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Why choose the Animal House Hospital?

We are always available to tell you about the services we offer, as well as answer any questions you may have. Please call us at +961.189.0001.

Our hospital

Our facility consists of over 25,000 square feet of space complete with 2 reception areas, multiple exam rooms and treatment areas. View where our veterinarians and staff attend to your pet during their stay with us.

For a personal tour of the hospital, please contact Gerry at [email protected]

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Our team

Our Medical Teams are compiled of a variety of doctors and staff with a diverse area of expertise and skills. With a staff composed of 17 licensed Veterinarians, 8 specialized Veterinarians, 74 Veterinary Technicians and assistants, 48 Client Care Representatives, and Administrative Support Staff, our team numbers over 145 people.

Meet our staff and see who will be attending to you and your pet.

Our Services

We offer veterinary services such as vaccinations and preventative health-care programs.We welcome new clients and are available to answer all your inquiries at either of our facilities.

Specialty / Referral Services

Our Animal House Hospital location provides Board Certified Veterinary Specialists such as:

We also have a veterinarian with a special interest in dermatology.

24-Hour Emergency Care

We offer 24-Hour Emergency and Critical Care Services in our Intensive Care Unit at the Animal House Hospital facility.

Team Medicine

Our veterinary health care providers practice in Animal Care Teams, a style of practice known as “Team Medicine”.

You and your pet will spend time with an Animal Care Team that includes your veterinarian and a qualified veterinary technician who will obtain your pet’s medical history, answer any questions pertaining to your pet’s health, and review and explain your doctor’s recommendations. The veterinary technician will also provide you with health care tips and help you plan follow up visits.

Learn about our: