Preparing for your pet’s travel may be more complicated than yours. Yet, we can help you every step of the way.

Regulations differ depending on the country of destination and the type of pet you have.

You need to be sure your pet’s paperwork is done as early as possible before travelling.

Some countries have regulations that need several months of preparations including bloodworks and special vaccination.

Call Animal House Hospital for more detailed information.


It is very important for your pet to feel safe when you’re away.

Here are a few things to consider if you plan on boarding your pet or have someone else care for them while you’re away:

Boarding facilities and pet sitters can provide excellent service looking after your furry loved ones while you are out of town. We recommend Cage Free boarding in a setting and environment that eliminates anxiety and ensures your pet is loved and well taken care of.

While we all hope things go smoothly while we’re away, accidents can happen. Despite your best intentions, the stress of your absence on your pets can lead to underlying diseases presenting themselves. In the event of an unexpected emergency, please ensure that clear instructions are left with your pet sitter or boarding facility so your pet will be cared for.

Things you can do to help your pet and pet-sitter in an unexpected emergency:

  1. Leave definitive contact information, phone numbers and/or an email address as well as an itinerary.
  2. If you are boarding your pet, have a local contact person (friend, family member or neighbor) and let them know your wishes in the event of an illness or accident. The person you choose should be comfortable making potentially tough decisions in your absence.
  3. Talk with your family about your pets, and decide what you wish to do should an older pet become ill or their existing condition worsens. Also consider how far you wish to proceed financially; if the disease or illness is significant, veterinary bills can add up quickly.

We hope your time away will be uneventful for your pets at home or in the care of others; however, it never hurts to plan for the unexpected.

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