We have three surgeons who can perform a wide variety of orthopedic, soft tissue and neurological procedures. These include: Total Hip Replacement (THR), fracture repair and limb alignment/lengthening, cancer surgery, plastic surgery, abdominal and thoracic procedures, disc prolapse and other spinal procedures. Our team of nurses monitors each patient carefully throughout the procedure and during recovery.

To minimize and control your pet’s stress and pain around the time of surgery we use multiple pain control modalities. Decreasing pain and stress leads to improved outcomes and more speedy recoveries.

Internal Medicine – Offering a full range of diagnostics, treatments as well as management of chronic diseases of all internal organs

• Diagnostic procedures including scans, ELISA, and ultrasound-guided biopsy, On-site laboratory and access to outside diagnostic laboratory services for specialized tests

Dentistry : We offer preventative care and advanced dental procedures. Consultations for conformation/occlusion corrections, genetic counseling, root canal treatment, treatment of periodontal disease, complicated extractions, jaw fracture repair and surgical management of oral masses.

Cardiology :We can examine pets with congenital heart disease; procedures include pericardiectomy, ECG, cardiac ultrasound and specialized management of dogs and cats with heart disease.

Oncology :Diagnosis, staging and treatment of cancer including chemotherapy, surgical oncology, ultrasonography, x-rays, bloodwork and more.

Neurology : Our hospital has diagnosed and cured a wide variety of neurological diseases in dogs and cats. Treatments reached a high level of success with our new neurosurgery services.

Ophthalmology :providing a full array of ocular exams using specialized techniques. The procedures performed include cryosurgery, phacoemulsification for removal of cataracts, lens implantation and glaucoma treatment.

Dermatology :With more than 30 years experience in treating dermatological cases we accept dermatological and skin allergic patients. Services include nutritional assessment (for food allergies), allergy testing, skin biopsies, and other diagnostic tests.

Physiotherapy :Assessment, post-operative rehabilitation and treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological dysfunctions to relieve pain, restore joint mobility, regain soft tissue flexibility, strength and coordination.