Silitter Cat Litter 3.8 liters

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Silitter Cat Litter 3.8 liters


Low Dust:
This is a feature we insist on with any product we carry. There are too many brands out there that cut corners in the manufacturing process and deliver a product that throws off a lot of annoying dust and does not last as long as it should. Silitter is produced by one of the largest and most reputable factories in China.

Medium Size Crystals:
The medium size crystals in Silitter are specifically designed to work in all type of litter boxes, automatic (electric) as well as standard.

A Hint of Strawberry
Highlighted by the strawberry colored crystals added for visual appeal, there is also the slightest hint of strawberry scent for added odor control.

Weight 3800 g

3.8 liters

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