The Purrfect solution for when you have to go away

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“Animals  have always been a part of my life.  I’ve  had cats at home since I was very young.  I love them and I know how precious  and valuable they are. I also know how anxious we can be when we travel during the holidays or have to go away for business, and leave them behind.”

If you are going on holiday  or traveling for business and  need someone to look after your cats,  I can provide reliable  cat care in your home while  you are gone.

Caring * Thustworthy * Reliable

My home visit  cat services:
Food and Water, Playing, Cuddling, Litter box cleaning, Daily Brushing
Monitoring overall well being, happiness and health Regular updates for you and LOTS of love and affection

To discuss service options and rates, please call me

03 464167

At your service!

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